All garage doors can be either manual or electric.

Electric garage doors can then have local or remote controls fitted.

Local control constitutes a set of push buttons to open or close the garage door.  Remote control utilises radio wave signals, a handheld remote control and a receiver sending the signal to the control unit.

At Garage Door and Repair we have the capability to work on electric garage doors in Glasgow.

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Did you recently discover your garage door opener is not functioning properly? Some openers simply need adjustments made to the existing components and require no additional parts. In other cases, the Opener will need to be replaced.

Common electric garage door problems include:

Faulty push buttons or controller rendering the system inoperable. That is why it is good practice to ensure a manual override system is implemented.

Problems with sensors may cause garage door to open partly or not shut fully.

Electronic bits sometimes fail and this may cause long delays while the problem is diagnosed and faulty parts identified.

Burnt out motors due to age, number of operations or overloading.

Do you have an electric garage door that’s acting up? Call The Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Company today for a fast and friendly  repairs process.